Website Portfolio

A selection of websites that I have created and maintained over the years.

North Sea
(January 2024 – Present)
Official website for North Sea Echoes, a project by Ray Alder and Jim Matheos.

Kings of
(July 2022 – Present)
Official website for Kings of Mercia, a project by guitarist Jim Matheos and vocalist Steve Overland.

Tuesday The
(April 2017 – Present)
Official website for Tuesday The Sky, an instrumental project by guitarist Jim Matheos.
(August 2012 – Present)
Official website for guitarist Jim Matheos (Fates Warning, OSI, Arch/Matheos).
(January 2011 – Present)
Official web site for the progressive metal pioneers, Fates Warning.
(January 2012 – 2016)
Official website for OSI, a project by Jim Matheos and Kevin Moore (no longer available).
(1996 – 2011)
“Unofficial” fan site for the progressive metal pioneers, Fates Warning.
 (2000 – 2006)
Official original website for progressive metal band, Redemption (no longer in use by the band). Go check out their current site –

(2000 – 2001)
Website designed for an underground metal magazine (no longer available).

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