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  1. Thank you Michael! Just in the planning stages of selecting and constructing a 12 x 16 office shed for my writer wife and have seen a few excellent Tuff Shed examples. Your project presentation will be very helpful. Up here in Massachusetts, I am thinking of stick building with 2×6 to keep the heating costs down, but the design will be basically the same.

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Hello we have made our Tuff Shed into a she shed just noticed after the floor is damp in places. We had flooring put down, and use a rug on top of floor. Have you had this problem? We too have a window air conditioning.

    1. I never had any issues with moisture within the shed, but then again I live in Southern California where it is typically very dry. I’m not sure about AC units in more humid climates, you might want to check with an HVAC person in your area. I thought I remember some shed builders using plastic sheeting before putting up the drywall, but since the houses here weren’t built that way, I never investigated it.

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