My IT Career…coming around full circle

So, yesterday (5/24/2016) the company I work for (HPE) made an announcement that they would be merging with another big IT services company early next year (see this article). I had a big chuckle about it. If you want to understand why, just try to follow along…I dare you.

While still in college I started a part-time IT gig with General Dynamics, which turned into a full time position once I graduated in 1989. Only a couple of years into that job, and General Dynamics decides to outsource their entire IT organization to a company called Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). New badge, same job really.

Over the next few years, the General Dynamics business that we supported, changed hands a few times. First to Hughes Electronics Corporation and then to Raytheon. My job at CSC also took me from Southern California to Tucson, Arizona. This lasted a few more years, until my boss asked me if I wanted to move to San Diego, California to help out on a new account. I probably said yes before he finished his sentence.

In mid-2000, I relocated to sunny San Diego and began work on writing a little client/server billing system to help CSC provide a detailed bill to its new IT outsourcing client, the County of San Diego. That little billing system lasted longer than CSC did on this contract, about 13 years, which is a pretty decent run for a VB6/SQL Server solution.  🙂

At the end of 2006, CSC had lost the County of San Diego contract to Northrop Grumman (NG). CSC’s staff was divided among NG and an IT consulting firm, BearingPoint. We didn’t get to choose, other than to accept the offer or not. So, another new badge. I guess it was time for a new picture anyway.

Just a couple of years in working for BearingPoint, they decided to sell the majority of their public services consulting business to Deloitte. Except our little piece supporting the County of San Diego was spun off to a new consulting firm, Éclat Consulting (no link for them since they folded some time ago. Here’s what the name means though). Éclat didn’t last too long, and we were shuffled to another new consulting firm, Attain. Still supporting the County of San Diego, just changing badges like bad fashion trends.

NG decided to walk away from the County of San Diego contract before their time was up, and passed it on to Hewlett Packard (HP). This time, everyone (that wanted to stay) was moved to HP (yet another new badge). All one big happy family again. At least for a couple of years.

Late into the year 2015, HP announced that it was going to split into two companies. HP would be handling consumer computers and printers, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) would be handling enterprise products and services. The change this time for us from HP to HPE wasn’t too disruptive, and we didn’t even get new badges! Well, we did get a new overlay that got glued to the face of the badge, with the new company name (same old photo though).

The stability of being at HPE would only last until May of the following year, when HPE announced that it would be spinning off the enterprise services component to a new company. This new company would be a merger of sorts between HPE and CSC (see the article at the very beginning of this post). This merger is supposed to be completed early in 2017.

Maybe I can locate my old CSC badge and wear it next to my current HPE badge? Ah, back to the beginning I go…

p.s. – I’m glad I wrote this post because I was getting a bit fuzzy on the details. It might come in handy if I need to update my resume. Although, I might have to create a chart of some kind as well.

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